Tien Giang Vietnam 70% Bar

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Tiền Giang is a province in Vietnam’s Mekong Delta, the birthplace of cacao in Vietnam. The tropical area is low-lying with a vast network of rivers, rice paddies, swamplands and small canals that reach far into the farmland. 20 small farms are organized as fermentary groups, wet beans are transported to one central place for fermenting in wooden boxes.

The beans are from Marou Faiseurs de Chocolat in Saigon who work directly with the farmers. The cacao is special to us, not only for its exceptional flavours, but also as a fond reminder of a beautiful friendship that started during a monsoon in Saigon.

Origin: Mekong Delta, Tiên Giang, Vietnam
Notes: cinnamon, wild ginger, cherry jam, brazil nut

International Chocolate Awards:
2016 Americas/Asia- Bronze
2016 World- Silver
2017 Americas/Asia- Silver
2017 World- Silver
Academy of Chocolate
2017- Bronze 

65g bar

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