About us

We are a group of local individuals that are excited about design, art, style, gardens and all things green. We bring this passion to Centro every day with the goal to share what we’ve learned, made or found around the corner or around the world in order to make all our lives a little more enriched and exciting.

We invite collaboration with local designers and artists to partner with us in forming fresh ideas, create exciting new products and present their work for you to experience and bring into your homes.

Centro Garden is the passion of Burlington resident, Jason Pepetone, a lifetime veteran of the garden center business. Jason grew up within his father’s successful garden center business before together forming Terra Greenhouses at the end of the 90’s which became one of North America’s largest garden center businesses.

Centro Garden is a return to the basics. A way to continue the love for all things green while pursuing the belief that lifestyle, design and art can play a much stronger role in the garden store experience.

Centro Garden is managed by Jennifer Klassen, also a long time garden store veteran, downtown local and busy mother of 2.